I took my lifelong questioning and wondering about the meaning and purpose of life, and applied this interest to the in-depth study and practice of meditation, relaxation, healing and application of the tools for personal transformation.  Here I found that there is definitely ‘more to life’ than the limitation and frustration of the – you are a cog in a machine – type mentality, and I grew massively excited at the opportunity to deepen my knowledge.

I knew that I had to learn how to help myself and others be all that they could be and expand into their full potential!


With my interest piqued I aspired to better understand the workings of the mind and to formalise my learning, going on to university studies in Psychology. I LOVED every minute of my studies and here if felt I had found my intellectual home – where I realised that my questions, ponderings and wonderings had all been questioned, pondered and wondered about before!!!

Yes!!! I was not totally crazy; people have thought about all of this before me: life, humanity and how it all fits together allowing it all to finally MAKE SENSE!!  My predecessors had laid down a firm foundation upon which I could stand so that I could better understand the fact that there are patterns and commonalities when it comes to the human condition; that our CRAZINESS can be understood and people can move beyond suffering and survival mode, cutting the ties that bind us to states of misery and discontentment.

It was a homecoming and I found not only my fraternity but my life’s work.




Going out into the world as the ‘Psychologists Apprentice’ I gained access to some of the most powerful tools available for personal transformation and came to understand, for the first time, the true mechanics of the mind.  By studying and applying cognitive-behavioural principles to my work with people suffering from anxiety and depression, I came to see how truly transformative this work can be, with people going on to experience lives that were infinitely better than they could possibly have imagined.

I came to deeply trust that is always a way through anxiety and depression and, when people actually asked for the help that they needed, I could assist them to move towards states of wellness.

It was at this time I came to I came to include contemplative practices into my own life and my work – with a deep resonance with mindful living and journaling to connect the head and the heart  – and this has transformed my life in ways that cannot sufficiently describe and can only point you to experiencing this for yourself.



With over a decade’s worth of experience researching and working within the dominant psychological paradigm, I felt a rising frustration with the focus on ‘illness prevention’ with people having the opportunity to get well, to a point, and then this would be considered job done!

It was at this point I left full time work to start a family, all the while knowing that this would be an opportunity to reflect and reconsider my future work, to really get clear on my mission and purpose and to start to truly and authentically designing my life!

I took this opportunity to hang out my shingle and opened my private practice – at the time this was a wonderful way to continue work that I love and support my family. 

Here I really began to ask the important questions:

What do I REALLY want out of life?

How do I want to be living my life so it is one of my own choosing – life by design?

How can I live my passion, work my magic, make the biggest difference in the world, take care of my kindred AND stay sane in the process?

This is where I REALLY began to fully appreciate, first-hand, one of the major limitations of the dominant psychological paradigm with its focus on pathology and removing unwellness.

With a focus on what is wrong with you, what is RIGHT with you gets entirely missed.

When you focus on management of symptoms alone, you fail to appreciate that there is a life outside of this that can be an experience of ever-expanding good!

When you are so happy not to be severely suffering, you forget to ask, well am I genuinely happy and fulfilled?

Perhaps you never actually thought to ask for a life of meaning, purpose and passion – perhaps happiness was something that was for other people but not you!

The flip side of the ‘human condition coin’ includes the conscious and deliberate cultivation of positive states and experiences, those that lead to a flourishing and fabulous life.  This is what gets completely overlooked in the current dominant model when limitations are placed on session number – just enough time to help you feel better, but not enough time to help you to FLOURISH! 

This is totally short-sighted and absolutely crazy because it is like looking at one corner of the room and believing that you see the whole room.  There is SO MUCH MORE if you will only apply yourself.

The most troubling aspect of this realisation is that what it creates is a revolving door – a cycle where life is a series of ups and downs and the threshold that leads to an expansive, creative, wonderful life – a life where you embody states of ease of flow, where you live with passion and purpose, where you are FLOURISHING – this threshold never gets crossed!  You bump up against it because you feel better, and the fact is you do feel better, but you never actually move beyond survival mode.  You never actually get to realise that

Wellness is only the beginning!!!

When the tools for personal transformation are applied as they SHOULD be applied, then wellness is most definitely a necessary and valid starting point; it is from there that you can launch yourself off into an amazing and fabulous life!

IF you continue to apply the transformational tools and approach life with a growth oriented mindset


You remember to ask for more! You actually remember to ask that you be fulfilled, on purpose and HAPPY!!!

This is not a given, you must remember to ask for this and be prepared to apply yourself to the principles and practices that will allow you to succeed in your quest towards the good life, a life filled with joy, wonder and happiness.


Enter ‘Under the Bodhi Tree’ and the launch of my website and internet adventure – my crusade to abolish human suffering by empowering people to live lives of passion, meaning and purpose.  Understanding that by continuing to remain in a clinical setting that I would forever feel limited by the focus on pathology, I took the leap into the future or work – catapulting myself into the online space!!!



After 6 months of intensive immersion learning, writing and delivering transformational online courses, blogging and interacting with my rapidly expanding online community, I once again came to the point of revelation and reinvention and with this has come CLARITY around my mission and purpose:


Empowering women to transform and expand into the fully actualised, epically awesome version of themselves:  Alchemising your talents so you can wield pure magic with your life, kindred and biz, and live your life by design – yes you can balance it ALL and be fabulous!!!


PS: If you are not scared by a lot of girl power, then of course you are welcome too!