Are you ready to create a designer life?

Would you like to live your life in joy, connection and ever increasing happiness?

Where you live, work and play in the process of the conscious creation of a life that is by your design?

Where you see your life unfolding before you in the EXACTLY the right way so as to move you closer, day by day, towards a life that you just LOVE TO LIVE?

Well you now have this very opportunity before you,

to join me in my INNER CIRCLE,

where we will set about together creating lives where you live, day by day, in the conscious and deliberate creation of a life by your design,

that a true delight and wonder to experience!

This is super exciting for me to open up to you, a process of creative unfolding where you will be given everything that you need so as to sculpt your life in a way that will allow you to live everything that is in your heart and soul.

To bring about all that is inside of you, to tap into your strengths, your talents, your deepest desires and to set about manifesting a life that is one that is in TRUE ALIGNMENT with what is MOST IMPORTANT to you in your life.

So often we get caught up in what we are told is important, and we THINK we should value, when really this is NOT TRUTH for you.  It is here that we create suffering for ourselves where we SETTLE for that which is,



And just plain old not good enough!!

However, we have been lead to believe that this is NORMAL and this is a true reflection of REALITY.

When you join my inner circle, you will come to embody and actualise in your life is a NEW NORMAL and a NEW REALITY, a normal reality that is a true delight to experience because it is on purpose, an expression of who you really are, and by your conscious creation.

This is when you have the capacity to bounce back from set-backs because you know that if things didn’t quite work out the way you wanted, at least you can now know where you went wrong because you got there deliberately – there is actually a drawing board to go back to and tweak so you can get back on track quickly and efficiently!

No more wasted years messing around with unhappiness, assuming that you have done something to cause all the hardship in your life, personalising failure, and just being plain old miserable!


When you are a part of my inner circle, where we are all living a life that is evolving in front of us, day by day, you can know that you will be supported to experience the highest expression of you, where you will be surrounded by like minded people who totally get what you are doing in your life, even if it is not normal,

Because lets face it……


Not me, that’s for sure –

Living a life that is Awesome? Actualising? Alive? Expansive?

Where life feels exciting as you step into the creative process of allowing and trusting life to unfold in front of you in perfect ways,

Where you see opportunities that are in total alignment and have the resources and capacity to take action?


And quite frankly this is NOT NORMAL!  It just isn’t, because we have all been hypnotised at some point to believe that life is to be endured and that normal reality involves intense toleration of frustration leading to moments of pure insanity!

If you look at the conditions upon which this insanity arises – it is actually a form of sanity BECAUSE it is tell you;


This is not how it is meant to be,

Change is required!!!

This is your alarm system telling you all is not well, but we have been conditioned to accept that this is ‘life’ and you just need to get on with it – remain stoic and unemotional about the WASTE that your life becomes

When you stop questioning

When you stop believing in yourself

When you stop evolving

And when you stop believing that there is actually so much more to life – many of us have been hypnotised into a form of learned helplessness:

My life sucks and there is nothing that I can do about it!

When you become part of my inner circle we will go through a process of breaking out of such limitations, where you can begin to discern your conditioning from TRUTH.  Where you will begin to be able to see the forest from the trees.  Where you will be truly able to believe that there is more available to you in terms of LIFE EXPERIENCE than you have been lead to believe.

In my inner circle you will be given the opportunity to begin to move beyond the barriers that have limited you, so you can begin to invite in more and more of the life experience that you want.

By making space and room for these experiences RIGHT NOW, you can begin to take that very first step towards living a life by your design.

So if you truly desire to gain traction in your life, where you can really get the grip that you need to move powerfully forward into a life, where you really do CHOOSE how you live, then you are invited to come and join me in my inner circle:

A true and committed community of lifestyle designers, people who genuinely think outside of the box and just know in their heart that they are born for more, and who are committed to the conscious and deliberate creation of a life that is a JOY to experience,

that is in fact your birthright – actualising your capacities, talents, hopes and dreams into the world – in a supported, caring and heart-felt community.

If you are ready to really step into your life, by design and you would love my help and encouragement, then join me so we can step into the amazing adventure that is your life.

The inner circle process


Ever been sabotaged by old habits?  Sure, we can make a plan and have the best intentions of following it through, however so often old habits return and we resort to a default position, returning to automatic pilot and a life that is less than half lived.

In my inner circle, you can trust that you will make consistent progress towards that which matters most to you by immersing yourself into new habits – habits of mind and the discipline that underpin lifestyle design.  New habits where your current reality and acceptance of ‘how things are’ will be ever evolving and the BEST NEWS is that you will be fully supported in the process.

The inner circle process is one where you can engage in the creation of the offering – like a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE – you can offer up training suggestions.  I will then devise resources that will help you to transform your specific blocks and barriers, which benefits everyone. It is a genuine process of co-creation and it will feel alive, engaging and RELEVANT.

Here you can trust that a process is unfolding before you, leading you towards your highest aspirations and intentions for yourself, kindred and life’s work.


What is included

The inner circle will be a genuine process of evolution and it will unfold in response to the needs of the circle at the time.  As such, you can trust that it will be super relevant to whatever it is that you are experiencing at the time.  Each month there will be a 2 hour workshop that will outline the focus for the month – all relevant to lifestyle design and supporting you to step into expansion – and you will then have a full month for implementation.

My belief is that we need both immersion learning environmets AND time for consolidation – here in my inner circle – you get both!

Throughout the month you will also receive other relevant resouces that will support you towards successful implementation of your designer life, and could include a mixture of:

  • Facebook livestreams in our purpose created ‘Your life, by design’ group, where you can have all your questions relevant to lifestyle design answered.
  • Video trainings for immersion learning and instilling the mindset of lifestyle design.
  • Audio processes for deep head-and-heart transformation.
  • Detailed resources relevant to lifestyle design – accessing your strengths, clarifying your purpose, aligning action with your desired outcomes, self-belief, self-actualisation etc.
  • ‘The questions are the answer’ journaling prompts and process questions to deep dive into the sub-conscious blocks and barriers that have limited you.
  • ‘Expanding into the light’ processes that will invite in a process of ever expanding good.

Every month you will be given the exact resources you will need to see beyond your current limitations and continue your journey towards expanding into your designer life – here you can really step into unstoppable!

Unfolding throughout the month you can anticipate

  • Facebook Livestream Q&A
  • Video trainings
  • Audio processes
  • Journaling prompts and process questions
  • Expansion processes
  • Training requests accepted – choose your own adventure!!!

The investment?

Access to my inner circle, and the opportunity to be a part of something truly wonderful, is available to you for an AMAZING monthly investment of

$47 per month!!

I know right! I can’t even believe it myself!!

Super value, super supported, everything that you what you need to step into unstoppable!

NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS and you can cancel YOURSELF at any time.

Ready to jump on in??

Swing to the bottom of the page and make contact by filling out the form below.  I will get back to you personally with the details.

Are you a VIP? 

(Interested, Ignited, Inspired)

Are you ready to take it to the next level and have even MORE support, expansion and growth?

I offer private coaching for those who are ready to expand into their new life at light speed, RIGHT NOW!

For those who know that they benefit from the one on one support to help see past those pesky blind-spots.

For those who GENUIENLY desire to unfold into a life of ever increasing good and live a life on their terms – on purpose and by design.

For those who, like me, will just not settle for medocrity and know they are ready to step into FABULOUS!!!

The VIP pathway provides you with personalised support through one on one Lifestyle Design Coaching with me, where we can together identify your specific goals, intentions and desires AS WELL as identify all that stops you from moving powerfully forward to the realisation of that which is most important to you.


You will know that the VIP pathway is for you when:

You are ready to take action right now;

You are prepared to make space and room FOR YOU such that you can expand into a new life;

You know that you are worth investing in and your aspirations for your life are ‘up there’ as a top priority.

As part of the Lifestyle Design coaching package you will receive 4 private coaching sessions with me where we can really drill down to that which is most important and allow you to chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be.  You will:

– Identify and remove the self-sabotage habits that may limited you;

– Create a positive vision for your life now and moving into a future that is aligned with your passion and purpose;

– Begin to live consciously and deliberately where day by day you can experience ever increasing happiness and fulfillment.

 If this is YOU, then contact me personally for further details


Join my Inner Circle

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